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Mukono woman arrested for ‘selling’ her children for ritual purposes

Police in Mukono district have arrested a woman identified as Akiteng Hellen for allegedly negotiating the sale of her two children including a daughter aged 9 months for ritual sacrifice, The Xtremewood Reports.

Muhamadi Matovu
Panga dripping with blood

The woman had been promised Shs 2.5 million but only Shs 10,000 was given to her.

“A woman in Mukono sold her kid aged 9 months for ritual sacrifice. Only 10, 000 was paid to her after she had negotiated to give two kids at 2.5 million,” said Charles Twiine, the spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Department(CID).

Twiine said that four suspects were arrested and they will be charged with murder and aggravated trafficking.

Muhamadi Matovu

According to a proposed law to curb ritual murders, persons found guilty of committing acts of mutilating and or causing death of another person for purposes of performing a ritual, and those found in possession of human body parts, face death upon conviction.

Currently, persons accused of engaging in ritual sacrifice are charged under the Penal Code Act and or, the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Act.

Published by Samson Kasumba

Ugandan Pastor, News Anchor and TV Host

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