Inside the structure, leadership of the new opposition pressure group to oust Museveni

A section of opposition politicians on Thursday launched a new pressure group named the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) which will be a new front to be used to oust President Museveni from power before 2026.

Kenneth Kazibwe
Dr.Kizza Besigye is the chairperson of the new pressure group.

The Xtremewood Press looks at the leadership and structure of the new opposition pressure group.

The new pressure group has the Joint Consultative Council as the top most structure to which every participating entity has five representatives.

The entities participating include the People’s Government headed by Dr. Kizza Besigye, Forum for Democratic Change headed by Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Conservative Party under John Ken Lukyamuzi, Social Democratic Party under Michael Mabikke, Uganda People’s Congress splinter faction led by lawyer Peter Walubiri and the Democratic Party splinter bloc represented by Samuel Lubega Mukaaku.

Some of the leadership of the new pressure group.

Others are former presidential candidate Elton Joseph Mabirizi’s PSP party, Uganda Young Democrats represented by Johnson Kizito, JEEMA represented by Muhammad Kateregga on behalf of Asuman Basaalirwa who was away on official duties whereas the People’s Progressive Party represented by Saddam Gayira is in observer capacity.

The new pressure group will also have the National Executive Committee which is the executive management arm as well as panels or departments which will be tasked with managing the day today running and work of the pressure group.

Among its departments, the opposition pressure group will have a panel for eminent persons led by former Buganda Katikkiro Dan Muliika, former presidential candidate Chapa Karuhanga,Frank Nabwiso, Henry Bazira and Imam Kasozi as its members.

Michael Mabikke(L) and Lubega Mukaaku(R) are some of the leaders of the new pressure group.

The youth, women and special interests department will have Hasifa Namboozi and Susan Nampijja( former Lubaga South MP) as some of its members whereas the policy, research and security department will have Wyclif Bakandonda and Michael Ssenyonjo as some of its members.

On the panel of media and public relations will be veteran journalist and former Leader of Opposition Wafula Oguttu, Kenneth Paul Kakande and Harold Kaijja whereas the legal, medical and welfare panel will have Merab Nalumu, Derrick Namakajjo and Hamza Ssewankambo.

The diplomacy and foreign relations panel will have Wasswa Birigwa, Vincent Mayanja and Anna Adeke Ebaju whereas the panel of civil society and trade groups is Omar Kalinga Enyago and Asia Kamulali.

The administration, finance and resource moblilisation panel will have Margaret Wokuli and Abdul Kyamundu whereas Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura and Sulaiman Kidandala will head the department of mobilization and civil resistance.


On the leadership side, representing the People’s Government, Dr.Kizza Besigye is the national chairperson of the new pressure group, with Kampala Lord Mayor from FDC as the first national deputy chairperson.

Other leaders are Christine Ekiria as the second national deputy chairperson, Peter Walubiri as the deputy chairperson in charge of Eastern Uganda, Samuel Walter Lubega as the deputy chairperson in charge of Buganda, Virginia Plan Mugyenyi as the deputy chairperson in charge of Western Uganda whereas Michael Mabikke is the secretary of the new pressure group deputized by Aggrey Osinde.

What they said

Dr.Kizza Besigye:

We realised election could not lead us anywhere because the whole country is captive. Those who think election can take them anywhere should prepare for it as we use this front. Our first task is to make sure all people who are marginalised understand they have to fight for their right. It is us to free ourselves. We must hold each other’s hand in this fight. This is for everyone. Even if you want to lead this front, come and do so as long as we are fighting. No matter who is the leader, I will fight. We don’t want to take any longer because the crisis is deep and country need a complete reset. We have given ourselves three weeks to consult all stakeholders that we didn’t before today. Three weeks from now we will announce the next course of action. It will not be speeches but action.

John Ken Lukyamuzi:

Thank you for choosing Dr.Kizza Besigye as the leader of this crusade. He is comparable to Tom Mboya. He has ventured into fighting for democracy and uplift people from dictatorship. Those saying we are spoilers, who are we spoiling? We are opening and paving ground for free competitive politics in Uganda. Museveni should know the journey we have taken will see him out of power in the short run.

Elton Joseph Mabirizi:

I commit myself to be faithful as I engage in activities that can push away this government before 2025.It is not words to oust Museveni. We have heard enough but only actions will oust him. Its not about elections and we must take power before 2025.

Peter Walubiri:

I am happy for this day that the struggle we started in 1986 is coming to its conclusion through this latest front. It requires undivided commitment to the aims an objectives of the front but also actions and sacrifice. Today is the day to banish fear. We should standup and confront this dictatorship. This is the final assault.

By Samson Kasumba

Ugandan Pastor, News Anchor and TV Host