Bomb Found In Kigoogwa Taxi

Residents surrounding Kigoogwa-Kaddu Stage in fear, as bomb detected in a Taxi early this morning.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened at around 9:AM whereby one of the stage men arrested as suspect, only identified by friends as “Jose” threw out explosive bottle from a taxi with ill intention of arming fellows at the stage. However, he denied all the allegations when taken to Buwambo Police Post in Wakiso District after a failed mission.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident.

Witnesses surrounding the area during the time of the press also confirmed together with the police that it was a true bomb.
Given the fact that the bomb was confirmed, other residence still grasped and denied, saying it was just bottle containing wine.
The incident was also looked over by Oyet Francis Opwonya, a Ugandan Media Expertise, being one of the prominent witnesses at the scene. This also gave him the chance to question fellow workers of the bomb suspect to get more information as shown in the video clip.

File: Phone video

The 2021 Uganda Bombings started during late October where three bombings occurred by part of the Allied Democratic Forces insurgency where by Kampala was first attacked, Mpigi second, Nakaseke third and then, the now attack attempt in Kigoogwa trading centre, located on Bombo Road about 22.8Km along Kampala-Gulu Highway. Which mainly targeted civilians by bomb planting and suicide bombing.

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By Gen. Frank L'Oyet

Founder of L'Oyet Media Technology Center, Software Innovator, Creative Technologist, Cyber Journalist and CEO of The Northern Press