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Female politician murdered by ex-lover after quarrel, body dumped in well

Police in Zimbabwe say they have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering an opposition activist whose mutilated body was found in a well weeks after she went missing. The suspect has been identified as Pius Jamba, who police previously described as an ex-lover of the victim Moreblessing Ali. Ms Ali was reported missing followingContinue reading “Female politician murdered by ex-lover after quarrel, body dumped in well”

Seeta school driver under fire for knocking dead one-year-old girl, offering Shs 500,000 compensation

Seeta Kindergarten and Junior, Mukono is under the spotlight for allegedly frustrating investigations and threatening the parents of a child who was knocked dead by their school bus. One-year-old Shanell Lugemwa died on May 31 after being knocked unconscious in Gulumwa, Goma Division in Mukono district while playing in the family compound. According to eyewitnesses,Continue reading “Seeta school driver under fire for knocking dead one-year-old girl, offering Shs 500,000 compensation”

Tanzania woos exiled politicians to return

It follows the government’s call for politicians who left during former President John Magufuli’s rule to return, assuring them of their safety, The Northern Pressure reports. Tanzania’s home affairs minister at the beginning of the week urged exiled politicians to return following a series of talks between the government and political parties. On Thursday, ChademaContinue reading “Tanzania woos exiled politicians to return”

25,000 dead people found on voters roll

Kenya’s electoral agency says an ongoing audit of its voters’ roll has found the names of nearly 250,000 deceased voters on the register. According to L’Oyet Media reports, Nearly half a million more voters were found to have duplicate records and over 226,000 people were registered using documents that do not belong to them. OthersContinue reading “25,000 dead people found on voters roll”

Agro-input dealers push MAAIF to pay them Shs32b in arrears

Under their group, the Agro-dealers representative forum, the dealers said they were contracted and cleared by the government to supply inputs including maize, beans, cassava, rice, and coffee across benefiting districts in Uganda but payment has taken so long according to Mr Robert Akona, the group chairperson. Traders that were accredited by the Ministry ofContinue reading “Agro-input dealers push MAAIF to pay them Shs32b in arrears”

Ugandan scientists duped Museveni on Covid-19 vaccine – former minister

President Museveni was duped and given false hopes on the capacity and capabilities of Ugandan scientists to produce Covid-19 vaccines, former minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr Elioda Tumwesigye has said.  Tumwesigye says that the inadequate information given to the president caused unnecessary anxiety among Ugandans that the country would have a vaccine readyContinue reading “Ugandan scientists duped Museveni on Covid-19 vaccine – former minister”

12 arrested over violent robbery caught on CCTV camera in Kampala

Police have arrested 12 people who are suspected to be members of the gang that recently targeted an Indian, robbing him of shs5 million in an incident caught on Police CCTV cameras in Kampala. In the incident that happened last month, Jiwan Lal, an accountant working with Rigil Agrotech Company in Kololo who was travellingContinue reading “12 arrested over violent robbery caught on CCTV camera in Kampala”

Prisons list 680 inmates for Museveni pardon

The Uganda Prisons Services has submitted names of 682 inmates to the Attorney General of benefit from the presidential pardon, The Xtremewood Reports. The Ugandan Constitution gives powers to the President to pardon various categories of prisoners on advice of the prerogative of mercy committee and the Attorney General. Addressing journalists on Monday, prisons spokesperson,Continue reading “Prisons list 680 inmates for Museveni pardon”

UCC tasked to Investigate those Declaring Museveni Dead

State House has tasked telecom regulator, Uganda Communication Commission to investigate and clamp down citizens declaring President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni either very sick or dead. In her press statement, Linda Nabusayi Wamboka, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary, revealed that the only reason President Museveni is no longer visible is that he has chosen to workContinue reading “UCC tasked to Investigate those Declaring Museveni Dead”

Speaker Oulanyah fled to UK amid COVID-19 wave

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Jacob Oulanyah, flew to the United Kingdom (UK) on Tuesday amid continued speculation about his health fuelled by his disappearance from the public. Sources close to the Speaker’s office dismissed claims that he was battling Covid-19 and talked of minor stomach complications, which they said coincided with his pre-arranged familyContinue reading “Speaker Oulanyah fled to UK amid COVID-19 wave”