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Striking teachers to be fired by today – minister

Local Government minister Raphael Magyezi has revealed that government has reached a final position to have Arts striking teachers sacked by today evening if they do not get back to class. This is the second directive the government is issuing in less than a week to have the striking teachers return to class or getContinue reading “Striking teachers to be fired by today – minister”

Officials in Judiciary battle over control of courts, money and power

Officials in the ministry in the judiciary are embroiled in a tribal war and intrigue over government positions, and control of finances and are reportedly using the Public Accounts Committee of parliament, friendly courts of law as a means of blackmail, The Northern Press reports. In a specific revelation by L’Oyet Media boss from insideContinue reading “Officials in Judiciary battle over control of courts, money and power”

Entebbe court fines man Shs 2.2m for attempting to traffick 11 girls to Saudi Arabia

Entebbe Chief Magistrate’s court has been fined a 24-year-old man Shs 2.2 million for promoting trafficking in persons and attempting to traffic 11 migrant workers to Saudi Arabia, The Northern Press Reports. Sharif Mbabali, a resident of Kanawa, Wakiso district, was arrested last month after 11 girls, who lacked clearance from the ministry of Gender,Continue reading “Entebbe court fines man Shs 2.2m for attempting to traffick 11 girls to Saudi Arabia”

Land Commission officials accused of asking for bribes

Officials at the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) have been accused of asking for bribes in order to pay out compensation for land. Geoffrey Mugisa, one of the registered proprietors and beneficiaries of the Shs10.6 billion supplementary budget allocated to facilitate people who sold their land to the government said in order to process his payments,Continue reading “Land Commission officials accused of asking for bribes”

The untold story of high commodity prices in Uganda

Let me take the opportunity of Prof Samwiri Lwanga-Lunyiigo’s new book Uganda: An Indian Colony (1897-1972) to initiate a discussion on the current economic crisis, which on the face of it looks like the fuel and commodities problem. In fact, it is deeper. I was glad that Lunyiigo, in his first three chapters discussed what economic independence lookedContinue reading “The untold story of high commodity prices in Uganda”

Museveni assents to eight bills passed by parliament

President Yoweri Museveni has assented to eight bills that were passed by Parliament during its first session, The Northern Press Reports. This was revealed by the Speaker of Parliament Anita Among on Wednesday. According to Among, Museveni assented to the Stamp duty (Amendment) Act, 2022, the Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2022, the Value Added TaxContinue reading “Museveni assents to eight bills passed by parliament”

Ugandans decode kidney disease gene in Africans

The researchers have called for  the inclusion of Africans in genomic studies for better medical care.  Researchers at Makerere University and Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) have said they discovered two gene variants that increase the risk of developing kidney disease among Africans.  The researchers said their findings will be important in preventing the diseaseContinue reading “Ugandans decode kidney disease gene in Africans”

Public uproar over Shs2.4b luxury cars for Speaker, her deputy

The embellished expenditure, which comes at a time when the country is grappling with escalating commodity prices, is a big slap in the face of citizens. Parliament has also allocated itself extra Shs193bn to cater for their salary increment and allowances. Parliament’s decision to procure two luxurious high end cars for Speaker Anita Annet AmongContinue reading “Public uproar over Shs2.4b luxury cars for Speaker, her deputy”

Mining investors flee Karamoja as insecurity intensifies

Investors have started withdrawing from mining sites in Karamoja citing increased insecurity in the region. Karamoja has experienced intensified unrest in the past months despite the disarmament exercise and security raids against suspected warriors.  The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has admitted to killing at least 385 warriors in Karamoja since the beginning of theirContinue reading “Mining investors flee Karamoja as insecurity intensifies”

President of uganda to address the nation today on state of affairs

President Museveni has recently dismissed the idea of tax waivers and subsidies to businesses. The wait is over. Today, Ugandans will listen to President Museveni attentively as he sits on the revered chair to lecture them once again on the State-of-the-Nation. The country is currently battling the spiraling commodity prices, which the President attributed toContinue reading “President of uganda to address the nation today on state of affairs”