Embattled Gulu University Dean of Students Interdicted

The embattled Gulu University Dean of Students Christopher Mwetwale Mpora has been interdicted. In a letter dated April 6, 2021, the David Obol Otori, the University Secretary relieved Mpora from his duty as he battles court case. The interdiction is in line with the provisions of Gulu University Human Resource Manual (2017), section 14.2.3 (d). […]


Lack Of Garbage Trucks Delay Trash Bins Distribution in Gulu

Gulu City poor garbage management wars are not about to end after failing to put to use the 36 newly acquired trash bins due to inadequate garbage trucks. Gulu City received the trash bins from KFW, a German organization, working in Gulu, about three months ago, to improve on the hygiene of the City. However, […]