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Public uproar over Shs2.4b luxury cars for Speaker, her deputy

The embellished expenditure, which comes at a time when the country is grappling with escalating commodity prices, is a big slap in the face of citizens. Parliament has also allocated itself extra Shs193bn to cater for their salary increment and allowances. Parliament’s decision to procure two luxurious high end cars for Speaker Anita Annet AmongContinue reading “Public uproar over Shs2.4b luxury cars for Speaker, her deputy”

Speaker Oulanyah fled to UK amid COVID-19 wave

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr Jacob Oulanyah, flew to the United Kingdom (UK) on Tuesday amid continued speculation about his health fuelled by his disappearance from the public. Sources close to the Speaker’s office dismissed claims that he was battling Covid-19 and talked of minor stomach complications, which they said coincided with his pre-arranged familyContinue reading “Speaker Oulanyah fled to UK amid COVID-19 wave”