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Kadaga could face disciplinary action- says NRM’s Lumumba

NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has warned that the former Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga could face disciplinary action over both her remarks and behavior towards the party.

Kenneth Kazibwe
INSHORT: Kasule Lumumba, Rebecca Kadaga (Inset)

Following the decision by the party to front Jacob Oulanyah as the flag bearer for the position of the Speaker, Kadaga blasted the Central Executive Committee, the NRM’s top organ for pushing her out.

“The major reason I’m being pushed out is because of speaking about the issues of the ordinary people. I want to assure you the people that I will continue speaking on those issues. I will continue to stand up for the rights of those who are being marginalized,” she said on Sunday.

Kadaga also went against the party rules and stood as an independent in the Speakership race , though she lost to the NRM flag bearer, Jacob Oulanyah.

Responding to questions on Thursday about the same, Lumumba said there are mechanisms of disciplining any party members who goes against the party line, noting that this could be invoked.

“We have not yet received it(complaint) in the office of the Secretary General but being that she is number three in the party, some of these can be discussed during the reviewing of the minutes of the CEC,” Lumumba said.

She revealed that the top party organ is slated to sit today, adding the matter could also be discussed.

“This is a matter that can only be handled by the disciplinary committee of the party if somebody raises a complaint and the report of the committee can be tabled before the Central Executive Committee for a final decision.”

According to Lumumba, the disciplinary action can only be triggered by a complaint from any party member but noted punishments are caution, suspension or expulsion from the party.

Inflammatory comments

The NRM Secretary General also warned the party members against making inflammatory statements that she said might break the party or cause disunity.

I call for calm within the NRM fraternity and for the members to desist from making comments in the media that may be prejudicial to the unity and cohesion in the party,” Lumumba urged.

“NRM members should desist from confronting each other on the basis of the dynamics of the election especially of the Speaker.”

The development comes on the background of the Monday Speaker election in which the incumbent, Rebecca Kadaga who had decided to contest as independent was trounced by her former deputy, Jacob Oulanyah who had been fronted by the party.

Many people, especially in Kadaga’s camp have since said this was a deliberate move to cut down on her ever growing wings in both the party and national affairs.

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