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Samson Kasumba: Why do we exaggerate the importance of tribe?

I court trouble for many reasons and I could as well court some more by expressing my opinion here on a national conundrum.

Samson Kasumba
Map showing the various regions of Uganda

As a biblical theologian and a practicing Christian I have never understood what value tribes are to my life and by extension the lives of others. I mean human beings.

The thing is that I find it outrageous how someone logical can believe they come from Adam who was not an Acholi or Langi and then they also believe that God made them Langi.

Let me be blunt and candid in stating that tribes where never God’s idea and that makes them very recent.

The rest you can excuse yourselves since we have delved into what you call nonsense and or brainwashing. I am as well sure that some not so keen bible readers will remind me of the Tower of Babel.

Great idea and we shall head there.

First and fore most I don’t understand how anyone logical and sensible would use such an unfortunate incident as grounds to support anything good.

That’s a story laden with rebellion. So you think that out of such wrong came a good thing? What kind of God works that way?

Second, if you follow the story carefully you soon see that all it speaks of are languages not tribes. Unless these want to equate a language to a tribe.

Those two are not one and the same. Do not even try to save your admiration of tribes by talking of the tribes of Israel.

Unless off course you are lazy enough to believe that a man can have 12 sons and then from those 12 sons, you end up with twelve tribes. Laughable right?

Only you can believe that and if you choose to believe such, please do not ask all of us to believe it. dare I ask why your children are not different tribes then?

So please look elsewhere for biblical support for these archaic forms of socialisation also known as tribes. I don’t mix tribes with values.

You don’t have to have tribes to have values and some values transcend our social groupings. I also do not equate tribes to language which is a collection of symbols for the purpose of communication.

Once communication is done, I am not sure what other use a language is. I do know a few people who speak a series of languages I don’t think they belong to that many tribes.

Tribalism is the state of being organized by, or advocating for, tribes or tribal lifestyles. … With a negative connotation and in a political context, tribalism can also mean discriminatory behaviour or attitudes, based on loyalty.

I have found that once you choose to socialise differently across tribes you become a better human being. As members of tribes, all you do is socialise and reinforce the belief that we are not those people.

You also have to find out why tribes fear what they see as dilution and infiltration. The way English has been changing for many years is how most languages will be in years to come.

The English for instance are dealing with a Harry and Meghan and I am sure in not so long there will be a royal here that weds someone from the North hopefully.

Tooro already had its own turn in dealing with a new generation of thinkers also known as “spoiled ones”.

As we develop more, what happened to Germanic tribes in Europe will happen to these ones here. We shall get more mature values and coalesce around better and bigger social groups like Rotary, Education, profession and lose these social groups of clans.

I don’t know how many people attend clan meetings or find them a useful way to spend their time. They would rather attend drink clubs.

In other words, we can live without tribes because others have. You can choose to find better things to attend and still live a very full meaningful life. I am not asking anyone to drop values from any place they feel as useful ones.

Just don’t be limited to values of one group at the expense of another. You can choose to look at people as human beings as opposed to reducing them to where they were born that they did not even choose.

Learn as many languages as is necessary to open opportunities for yourself. If you notice no one has ever stopped you learning 13 languages and being fluent in all of them.

You never know where you may end up by being fluent in X or Y language. I don’t know a group of bad people. I just know bad individuals and that’s all.

Lastly which is for another day. I think I am fine with anyone working in Uganda if they are the best.

If I had an organisation and profit was my goal, I would hire good workers not caring who they were, and where they come from. I just want the best. Just free your mind, is all I am saying. God bless you.

Published by Samson Kasumba

Ugandan Pastor, News Anchor and TV Host

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