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14 year old student suffers multiple organ failure after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

The ministry of Health has kicked off investigations into reports that a 14 year old student suffered adverse effects after he was vaccinated against Covid-19, The Northern Pressure reports.

Muhamadi Matovu

“Working with the National Drug Authority, we are investigating this and results will be shared with the public as the child receives treatment at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital,” the ministry said in a statement.

Jonah Luyinda,14, a student of St Martin Secondary School, Jjanya Mpigi was vaccinated in March this year when a team of officials from the ministry of Health went to the school.

The team allegedly inoculated learners even before government rolled out vaccination children in the country.


Jasper Nsubuga, Luyinda’s elder brother, told the Nile Post that days after the vaccination exercise ,the health of his brother started to deteriorate.

“Upon getting the information that Jonah is not fine, we immediately made a call at his school and we were assured that he was fine but later on his condition worsened,” said Nsubuga.

He explained they could not wait anymore given the condition and they had to rush him to a health facility which conducted various medical tests and scans on him.

“His situation kept on worsening each day. His whole body was swollen. Doctors discovered that he had multi organ failure. Doctors told us that they could not handle his health situation anymore. We went to Rubaga Hospital and it was also discovered that most of Jonah’s body parts were badly affected including the lungs, kidneys, heart and brain,” he narrated.


Luyinda is currently fighting for his life at Kiruddu Hospital, according to the brother.

As the debate about vaccinating school going children against Covid-19 vaccination continues, there have been several media reports indicating that children between the age of 12 and 17 would be vaccinated without their parents’ consent but dismissed this as untrue.

Health experts and activists have on several times warned the government and school administrators against vaccinating children without parental consent.

According to Dr. Clara Wekesa, a physician and the chairperson of Medics for Faith Association said vaccination of children against Covid-19 might compromise their herd immunity and expose their bodies to danger.

Under the new government directive, no child should be vaccinated while at school and no school should be turned into a vaccination centre.

The head teachers in both public and private schools have also been warned against illegal Covid-19 vaccination mandates.

By Racheal Fetaru

Ugandan Youth Empowerment Activist, Executive director of The Northern Press and Co-Founder of L'Oyet MediAtech Corporation.

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